Additional MapQuest account information will soon be available at your fingertips! New features are being added over the next month to the Enterprise account management portal, helping you better manage your account and keep a pulse on your transaction usage. Previously, the number of transactions during a given time and the type of APIs and SDKs used were accessible to Enterprise customers. The following account details will be new and can be viewed after logging into your Enterprise account on the Developer Network:
  • Number of transactions used against your limit during the current license term
  • Your Account Manager contact information
As an added benefit, we will provide advanced notifications via email when you’re approaching your transaction limit, once you’ve hit your limit, and incrementally thereafter. What do you need to do? Not much! Simply login to view your account information over the next month. Use your existing account email to log into our Developer Network here: If you have questions about your transaction usage specific to your license, feel free to reach out to your Account Manager. Their contact information can be found under ‘Account Information’ on the left hand side after logging into your account.