Earlier this summer, we were thrilled to tell you about our new Search Ahead API, as part of our product suite. This predictive search feature autocompletes addresses as users type, offering suggestions based on the input. We promised it would get better, and today, we’re pleased to announce the addition of POI data.

Most users’ top priority, when using a mapping application, is to get from point A to point B. Sometimes that destination is an address, other times, it’s a point of interest. Bad search queries are a thing of the past, no matter the search, with our autocomplete feature. Search Ahead’s Premium POI data ensures that your users search for Cafe Du Monde, and not Cafe DuMont. It’s not just limited to specific locations, either. We’ve also included categories and franchises, meaning if users start typing “pizza,” both Pizza as a category, and Pizza Hut franchises will be suggested. All our POI data is provided by our numerous data providers, meaning you can count on the extensive, accurate data you’ve come to know and trust, as part of MapQuest’s product suite. As part of our lightweight Search Ahead API, all data is expressed in geoJSON, making it easy to integrate into any mapping application. Premium POI data is available to our Enterprise clients, as part of our already amazing Search Ahead API. Talk to your Account Manager today, to see how you can utilize this feature so that your users get an accurate search query, every time, whether it’s an address, an adminarea, or a hard-to-spell restaurant. Looking to become a MapQuest for Business customer? Contact our team at sales@mapquest.com.