On August 25th, 2016 MapQuest released a new feature - the ability to add additional transactions to monthly self-service plans. It's exactly like overtime minutes for your mobile phone plan. If you opt into the Overages plan (the default choice for new customers) your transactions never stop, even when you reach 100% of your monthly transactions total. Instead, you will be billed in 10% usage blocks until you reach 150% of your quota. When you reach 150% (for most plans) you will automatically be upgraded to the next higher plan. This is helpful when you launch new services of your own that are rapidly growing. It's also helpful for customers who occasionally go over the monthly transactions limit during a particularly busy time. It's your choice to opt in, and you can stop overages at any time. Many customers have asked for this feature and we are excited to announce it is now shipping.

Here's how it works:

When you sign up for overages, you will receive email alerts when you are approaching your monthly limit, when you reach your monthly limit, and when you go into overages. Overages are billed in 10% blocks as they accrue. For each 10% block of usage, you receive an email and an invoice. When you reach 150% of your monthly quota you will automatically be upgraded to the next plan to prevent runaway overages charges. When you are upgraded to the next plan your start date and monthly quota target will be reset. Customers exceeding 150% on the two highest plans (Business Enhanced and Business Enhanced Plus) will be referred to a MapQuest salesperson. This infographic shows the process: