We at MapQuest consider our APIs to be the cornerstone of any solid, location-based application, and we pride ourselves on helping you deliver the best experience for your users. Whether you’re routing trucks, delivering food, managing sales territories, or providing directions, we have you covered. But how well do you know our APIs? You might know we have a great Search API, but did you know we let you search within a radius? Or, did you know we’ll host custom data for your search needs? Super cool, right? Below, we have a few hidden gems that can enable to make your application even better.

Data Manager

DMv2-GUIOur Data Manager API allows you to store custom datasets in a spatially-aware database, hosted by MapQuest. This RESTful web service allows you to upload custom points, lines and polygons which can be maintained through simple GET and POST requests. The best part is that your data remains your data; private, secure and entirely yours. When combined with our Search API, you can search in both MapQuest data and your own data.

Search By Drive Time

Our Search API is a pretty versatile API. Did you know that, in addition to searching by radius, you can search by drive-time? A radius search might show that a hospital is five miles away, but a search by drive-time will show you if that’s more than a 20-minute drive.

Optimized Route

We created this feature because sometimes the shortest route isn’t the optimal route, and finding the best route between 20 locations can be an exercise in frustration. Our Optimized Route function re-orders multiple stops between an origin and a destination to ensure maximum efficiency. Get your users to their destination, whether it’s three or thirteen, faster.

Quality Codes

QualityCodeToolNobody wants your confidence in our Geocoding API to be higher than we do, which is why we have quality codes. Our quality codes are some of the most granular in the business, giving you a detailed breakdown of an address or lat/lng pair, at a glance. Quality codes enable you to formulate better plans and decisions, based upon your own criteria.