We're excited to share MapQuest’s Static Map v5 API is now in beta. As a current user of Static Map v4 API, we invite you to give the new beta a whirl. Please test it out through Friday, December 31, 2016 and report feedback to us through our forum.

What new features are included in Static Map v5 API?

  • Retina maps with four times as many pixels for high-resolution images for printing or displaying on any device.

  • Additional map styles including light, dark, satellite and hybrid.

  • The ability to add and customize banners on your map.

  • Enhanced icons that can be modified to match your style or branding.

  • Simplified and more efficient commands resulting in shorter URLs.

Where is the documentation?

What’s the new endpoint?

Please note, transactions generated while testing our new Static Map v5 API beta will count towards your monthly or annual transaction limit.

Thanks in advance for participating in the beta and we look forward to receiving your feedback.