We're not letting any grass grow under our feet here at MapQuest. New features are being added left and right, and our Search Ahead API is the latest service to benefit.

Our most recent Improvements to POI and address queries provide faster and more comprehensive results, helping to enhance your customer's overall search experience. Specific enhancements include:

  • Improved support for pre-directionals in address queries.
    • Example: 16536 W 14th Pl or 16536 West 14th Pl will provide the same suggestion regardless of whether the query specifics 'W' or 'West.'
  • POI and location suggestions are both returned for queries that include the name of a POI and the city or city, state.
    • Example: 'Starbucks Denver or 'Starbucks Denver CO' will surface Starbucks locations in Denver, CO
  • The revision of our location biasing strategy for address queries. Address suggestions that are farther away from a user's specified location are surfaced more quickly than before.
  • 'Id' and 'name' fields have been added to suggestions surfaced from the address and adminArea collection.
  • 'Id' field have been added to suggestions surfaced from the POI collection*.

Still holding out from trying MapQuest's Search Ahead API? Learn more about our predictive search API by visiting our product and documentation pages.

*Please note, our POI collection is currently available to Enterprise Edition clients as a premium data add-on to the Enterprise Edition license.