When MapQuest became part of Verizon's Product Innovation and New Business organization in January 2017 we had two major goals:

1. Become the Location Center of Excellence for all new Verizon solutions

2. Expand the Verizon partner developer ecosystem to include MapQuest APIs, SDKs and location intelligence offerings

Today we're happy to announce the integration of the Verizon ThingSpace and MapQuest Developer ecosystems.

If you're a Verizon ThingSpace developer (and have credentials for the free ThingSpace developer portal) you now have access to MapQuest APIs and SDKs with a single click. Simply navigate to ThingSpace/APIs from the Develop tab and you will discover a link to all MapQuest APIs and SDKs. Our geospatial tools can be used to create maps, find addresses with geocoding, create routes, check traffic or accurately find points of interest. Our mobile SDKs for both Android and iOS can be used with other ThingSpace tools to build out new applications for IoT, mobile or desktop location based solutions.

Check out our top notch documentation, play with code samples and get to "hello world" in just a minute or two after clicking on the MapQuest tab. If you're new to location technologies, this is a good place to start. It's fast, free and you can't break anything.

ThingSpace users get 15,000 free MapQuest transactions per month as part of this program. This is plenty for testing, building out proofs of concepts or learning how to incorporate location intelligence into your application. If you need higher transaction counts, direct technical support or some optional services, you can sign up for a direct MapQuest account at developer.mapquest.com for a paid account. Our customers include startups, fortune 100 companies, small businesses and everything in between. We also strive to be active at local and national hackathons, so look out for us if you plan to get your hack on.

As the Location Center of Excellence for all things Verizon, MapQuest is building embedded location-based technology for many new Verizon offerings that will be launching in the next few weeks. Following the Verizon launches you'll see many of our new tools and systems also appear in the MapQuest Developer portal as we turn those APIs and SDKs into commercially available solutions. Visit our business portal for more details on what we are working on next. Or contact me directly for questions or comments.