Remember that time when you...

  • Missed the opening act at that concert because you couldn't find parking nearby in time?
  • Couldn't enter the mall parking garage because you didn't know the entrance didn't have enough clearance for your roof mounted bike?
  • Had to walk down 50 stairs with your baby in one hand and your stroller in the other after parking on the top floor of a garage that had no elevators?
  • Had to pay a parking ticket because you couldn't find a garage that had free parking to leave you car at overnight after a night out with friends?
  • Reached the parking lot only to see the 'Lot Full' sign?
  • Wished your electric car could charge while you parked it downtown?
  • Couldn't find a covered parking garage and your brand new car got hail damage?
  • Didn't have cash, and wish you knew which parking lots accepted credit cards also before entering?

When it comes to parking related problems, you're not alone. We've all been there before.

We at MapQuest believe in solving real-life problems. As a Product Manager here, I believe in human-centric product designs, and my team's design philosophy is to clearly understand user problems and solve them using real-life scenarios with contextual information. We are applying the same philosophy in solving many of the parking problems that drivers and businesses face worldwide.

Our upcoming Parking API will not only allow you and your users to help eliminate surprises and stress that comes along with parking your car, but the API will accomplish so much more. We are about to open up a whole new world of app design possibilities! Combined with our existing Directions and Traffic APIs, the new Parking API will allow you to create unique end-to-end driving experiences for your users.

We would love to hear your ideas and thoughts. Share with us what parking problems you'd like to see solved, and we will strive to make it happen!