We're happy to announce additional improvements to our Traffic API, which will require no additional backend work for you! Updating four elements, we're making your lives easier and providing a better user experience for you and your users. It's a win-win scenario!

Keep scrolling to read about our new and improved Traffic API enhancements:

Traffic Flow

  • 7x more granular traffic flow overlays:
    We now offer a more granular traffic flow overlay for traffic congestion, accidents and construction, helping your drivers plan more efficiently and arrive safely.

  • Quicker incident updates:
    With near real-time information about incidents, road closures, construction and resulting delays, receive accurate start, end times and much more.
  • Higher traffic coverage on road links:
    Give your users more options with 60% more road links, enhancing your overall design and application.
  • Improved error handling for incidents and flow requests:
    Receive more detailed and intuitive information regarding request validity, bounding box limitations, missing parameters and response messages in order to continue successfully developing your applications.

To see these updates in action, visit the Traffic API documentation page and try it out now.