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FAQs about Open Data vs. Licensed Data

What's the difference between Licensed Data and Open data? Licensed Data is, as the name implies, data compiled from a number of our data providers. This data is updated quarterly and verified by our vendors, ensuring accuracy and reliability. Open data is compiled data from a global community within the Open Source Initiative. During their punfully-titled Mappy Hours, users gather to scope out streets, places of interest (POIs), and landmarks.

How do I know if I'm using Licensed or Open data? Quite simply, if your resource url has www.mapquestapi, you are using Licensed data. If it has open.mapquestapi, you're using Open data.

Can I use Licensed and Open data in tandem? No. Due to legal restrictions between Open Source and our data partners, Licensed data and Open data cannot be combined. For more information, please see our Terms of Use.

Can I use Extended Rights Geocoding (ERG) if I'm using Open data? Currently, ERG is only available to licensed data customers. For more information about ERG, click here.

Which is better for my application, Open or Licensed? That depends on your definition of "better." For more information on use cases, please see this blog post.


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