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SearchAheadId - Class in
Representation of a search ahead result's id.
SearchAheadId(String) - Constructor for class
SearchAheadQuery - Class in
Search ahead query object modeled off the Search Ahead V3 Service.
SearchAheadQuery.Builder - Class in
SearchAheadResponse - Class in
Search ahead service response model object
SearchAheadResponse(Feedback, ResponseRequest, List<SearchAheadResult>, String) - Constructor for class
SearchAheadResult - Class in
An individual search ahead result contained within the response object.
SearchAheadResult.Builder - Class in
SearchAheadService - Class in
Wrapper client for MapQuest's Search Ahead API.
SearchAheadService(Context, String) - Constructor for class
SearchAheadService(Context, String, String) - Constructor for class
Instantiate the SearchAheadService
SearchAheadService.SearchAheadResponseCallback - Interface in
SearchCollection - Enum in
Search collections used to group results.
sicCodes(List<String>) - Method in class
slug(String) - Method in class
state(String) - Method in class
STATE - Static variable in class
STATE - Static variable in class
stateCode(String) - Method in class
street(String) - Method in class
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