Answer of API is very slow

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Answer of API is very slow


I use in my App a HTTPSecureSocket to get the results of the API call.

Unfortunately, the respose is really slow.

If I paste the request-URL in the Browser or get it over Postman, it takes less than one second.

If I call the URL over my App and the Socket, it takes 5 to 6 seconds.

The URL is the same.


Here is my URL:{"locations":["50.97399437028297,12.249069213867188","50.9861,12.44614","50.99788,12.38434","50.98005,12.45592","50.9528,12.45987","50.93442,12.50553"],%20"options":{"drivingStyle":1,"unit":"k","doReverseGeocode":false,"generalize":-1,"locale":"de_DE","narrativeType":"none","avoidTimedConditions":false,"destinationManeuverDisplay":false,"enhancedNarrative":false,"stateBoundaryDisplay":false,"useTraffic":false,"manmaps":"false","highwayEfficiency":22,"sideOfStreetDisplay":true}}&outFormat=json&key=[API_KEY]

Is there something I can do?


Since the api responds as
Since the api responds as expected in a browser, I would contact the network team or internet provider on your side and ask them what may be going on.