City found into "from" field but not into "to"

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City found into "from" field but not into "to"


I am writing to you about a problem with an itinerary.
We are using the api to get directions into our application, but for a specific city (Montpellier, 43.612839,3.876772), we can't get it.

When we call the URL below, we can't get the itinerary :,2.896585&to=43.612839,3.876772,

But when we switch "from" and "to" values, the result is good :,3.876772&to=42.701488,2.896585

Is there an explanation for this behaviour ?

Thank you !

RE: City found into "from" field but not into "to"
The map of Montpellier at 43.612839,3.876772 shows these are the coordinates for a large pedistrian area.  There is a roadway to the south that is used to exit this area; while i have not been to Montpellier, I am thinking that this road is a restricted access (gated) road.  Leaving a restricted area is generally done freely since there is an assumption that you have already been given access if you are departing.  Permission to enter the area is not assumed. I checked some street view images and it seems that the restricted access begins at this point: 43.610597, 3.876556  Using those coordinates as the destination, I was able to complete the route into Montpellier.