Combining the OSM and Directions

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Combining the OSM and Directions

I am planning on using mapquest for a navigation apps, and would like to use openstreetmaps for the tiles and mapquest for the routing system.

1. Is there an API for getting routing with shapes with mapquest that can be integerated to OSM?   
       something along the line of: 
        API inputs: long/lat start point and long/lat destination point
        API return : shape of the route with direction (when to turn on what point)

2. Is implementing this on a mobile app with turn by turn navigation allowed? (we are not planning to use a SDK at this moment)
3. Is there some sort of routing with traffic option? (something like similar to waze)


The directions and guidance
The directions and guidance apis both return route shape points.   See the Terms & Conditions for details. 3 b i: Customer shall not use the MapQuest Service for Turn-by-Turn Navigation   Use the useTraffic option.