Count of directions in key reporting

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Count of directions in key reporting


I'm developing an application that uses the directions web service to get a route from point A to point B given as lat,lng (or a list of lat,long if there are waypoints between A,B). I would like to know how many counts are charged to the key every time I call the direction service. Does it depend on the resulting route length or what ?

I'm testing my code and the number of directions calls in the transactions report, though not very big (about 100 in one day), seems to me rather bigger than the number of tests I've done.




Each request to the
Each request to the directions api will be one transaction. The directions request can count geocodes if string addresses are used, or if lat/lng is used without setting doReverseGeocode to false. If the route module or plugin is being used with the javascript sdk or Leaflet plugin, additional directions transactions can be counted for route shapes and drag routes.