Direction API return code 602 - Unable to calculate route.

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Direction API return code 602 - Unable to calculate route.

Hi, the direction api cannot calculate a route for a few road in the same sector.

The application using the api is functionnal for more than a year and never had problems.

But there is a few specific place where the api cannot calculate the route.

  1. latLng:
    1. lat: 45.434693
    2. lng: -73.148498
  2. latLng:
    1. lat: 45.298226
    2. lng: -73.323784

The first position is the starting point, there is no problem with this position.

But the second position cause the problem. There are a few streets around this position that return all the same error if i move the position on those streets.

You can look on the map the position of the second Lat/Lng, you will see a few streets causing the problem. The direction api is unable to calculate a route on any of those streets :

  • Rue Gerard-l Écuyer
  • Rue Michaud
  • Rue Bergeron
  • Rue Méthé

It is located in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu.

Thank you.

It looks like this
It looks like this neighborhood is marked with private roads in the backing data. This has been reported to our data provider and should be fixed in a future udpate. It generally takes 6-12 months for the updates to hit the directions API.

Ok, thank you for the

Ok, thank you for the information !

Getting 602 error in almost all response


Getting 602 error 

We are using Optimized Route Post





 1.4158275,103.8406771 ,

 1.421044,103.8339771 ,















 info : 

 statuscode : 602

 copyright :

 imageUrl :   

 text :  © 2020 MapQuest, Inc. 


 messages : 

 Unable to calculate route. 



1.4496936,103.8318675 looks
1.4496936,103.8318675 looks like it's in a new development that is probably not in the MapQuest route data yet. This should be addressed with the new API platform backend 2021Q2 or so.