Directions in Peru

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Directions in Peru


I am trying to get directions for addresses in Peru. The addresses are:

From: Calle Jose Bernardo Alcedo 103, Lima, Peru
To: Avenida Petit Thouars 3460, Lima, Peru

I can Google these addresses and get the correct start and end point but when I put it into Mapquest it can't seem to find the addresses. I then tried using to try and get an acceptible address format that would work but I can't seem to find one. If I use an approximate latitude and longitude of:

From: -12.0848,-77.035445
To: -12.096086,-77.03159

I can get pretty good directions. Right clicking on the start and end points will bring up addresses like:

Jirón Jose Bernardo Alcedo Lince, Lima 27 Peru
Avenida Petit Thouars San Isidro, Lima Lima 27 Peru

But copying those addresses and trying to use them in will not yeild correct results. Can you let me know how these addresses should be formatted so that they are accepted by the API?



For Peru using the 5-box
For Peru using the 5-box instead of single line address style may work much better.

Hmmm, ok but the URL I am

Hmmm, ok but the URL I am currently using is something like this:

And in the documentation it says doing it this way is for "This is used for single-line addresses only". The application I am using is just a single textbox which works fine for the majority of the addresses but this one has me really stumped. I would love to be able to give the user an acceptible address they could use.

I would love that too. But
I would love that too. But there are some areas that the single line geocoder does not work so well. Looks like Peru is one of those areas. The international geocoder is something that is currently being improved (re-written) but I don't have any eta for it at this time.