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Distance calculation

Dear all,

As a new user of the MapQuest I had the following question that I hope some one can help me with. 

I want to calcuate the distance between two Canadian postcode, however, for one of them, I only got the first 3 digits due to privacy issue. So when i try to find the distance between the two location (e.g. A0A and A1B3V6), I first used the following code:


The result i got is 38.7 km. 

However, if i use the MapQuest front end, the result turns out to be 89.1 km. Could anyone tell me why there is such difference, and how could I fix my code so the result could be the same?


Thank you very much!



MapQuest.com uses a whole lot
MapQuest.com uses a whole lot more poi searching than the geocoder api does. So it's finding a location closer to the other side of the bay than the geocoder alone does. In this case the MapQuest.com search finds a different location than the geocoder which causes the different routes. This is not unexpected.

Thank you very much. However,

Thank you very much. However, so which ones is more trustful? As they are are huge difference there, which one should i use? 

The api is more bluntly
The api is more bluntly accurate while MapQuest.com errs on the more helpful side.