Failing with doReverseGeocode=false

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Failing with doReverseGeocode=false

I'm using the Directions API and everything works when I leave off doReverseGeocoed=false, but when I add that on (trying to not be charged for the extra 2 transactions), the query fails in one of two ways. Here is the query I use when things are working:

"" + myKey + "&from=37.632540,-122.059575&to=37.561,-122.286"

The first failing response, is if I just put "?doReverseGeocode=false" on the end of that, then I get an answer the the to location is nowhere near the lat and long that I put in.  It comes out to a place that is accross the country and far away from the longitude that I put in.  Here is the request:

"" + myKey + "&from=37.632540,-122.059575&to=37.561,-122.286?doReverseGeocode=false"

The next failing request is if I fiddle with the lat a long numbers, to a place that is close by, I just get an error response:

"" + myKey + "&from=37.632540,-122.059575&to=37.561416,-122.288156?doReverseGeocode=false"

Any ideas on why these would fail, or ways to fix them?

Make sure you use an
Make sure you use an ampersand & to separate parameters, not the question mark ?.