German umlauts issue

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German umlauts issue

I  do have this request:


It requests for a location in Germany, but it returns a result for "Sinaloa" in :

ZIP: 63486
City: Bruchköbel

BUT if I replace to City with "Bruchkoebel" it work like expected. 

BUUUUUT, if I enter other Cities with german Umlauts, like "Mönchengladbach" it also work like expected!


Can you tell me if this is a bug, or how to handle those german umlauts in the right way for the requests? In the documentation I didn't found any notice about this.


Same for city "Göppingen", which returns Portugal Continental as State.

Thanks for the heads up. I'm
Thanks for the heads up. I'm sending this to the development team to assess for a future release.