How to remove (Narrative) control from map?

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How to remove (Narrative) control from map?


I've been trying to find a way to show narrative in a DIV instead of on the map, but I haven't been able to.

That would be my preferred way to show the turn-by-turn narrative, but could I least remove the narrative from the map after I showed it. It just takes too much real estate from the map and I'm trying to implement a kind of toggling (on/off) feature to show and display the narrative control on demand.

By the way, several links of the API reference point to a non-existent page, so one only gets the 404 (File not found) on




Ok, I found the method I was

Ok, I found the method I was looking for (map.removeControl) in the Leaflet documentation, but still would like to know if anybody knows a way to display the narrative in DIV or a container outside the map.

Also, how I could display the relavant icon for each step in the narrative.