Implement: Be specific about why a forum post gets marked as spam

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Implement: Be specific about why a forum post gets marked as spam

I posted a solution to my own question on the forum. My solution got flagged as spam because it used "restricted words". It would be really helpful to know exactly *which* words caused a problem. 

Through trial and error I was able to determine that the word that stopped my post was a four letter word that ends in 'all' and starts with 'c'. I can't include the actual word because if I do then I can't save this post.

The full paragraph (below), which I omitted from my solution makes perfect sense with the disallowed word. And it is difficult to talk about programming without using 'that word'.

"I feel a bit silly. What I was seeing was the unparsed  return value of the fetch function. I needed to [DISALLOWED WORD]  the 'json' method on that function for the data to be visible."

What happened:

I received the error message "Your post is using restricted words and is suspected of being spam."

What I would like to happen:

"You used the words [word1, word 2]. Your post is suspected of being spam" 


and also

and also, your spam filters may need to be reviewed and revised. The OP of this thread got flagged as spam for another word, which I didn't bother to figure out, I just deleted the last sentence and moved on.

It seems like there are a lot of everday words that get flagged. It makes it really hard to post. And if I have to frequently rewrite posts because I'm not allowed to used everyday language like 'all-cay' (pig-latin-cipher) then at some point I'm just going to not bother with this forum anymore.

Thanks for the feedback. You
Thanks for the feedback. You should be able to use "call" now.