Incorrect latitude/longitude coordinates returned

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Incorrect latitude/longitude coordinates returned

I've found that with a number of addresses we have in our system, this API call returns incorrect latitude and longitude values. I've been comparing the results against this site,, which is giving me much more believable results. Here are a few examples:

1) 2110 E Laburnum Ave, Richmond, VA 23222 ([MY_KEY]&street=2110%20E%20Laburnum%20Ave&city=Richmond&state=VA&postalCode=23222)

MapQuest Lat/Long: -28.848194 / 153.040722

Actual Lat/Long: 37.57828 / -77.39779


2) 201 East Fourth Avenue, Milan, IL 61264

MapQuest Lat/Long: 45.466797 / 19.190498

Actual Lat/Long: 41.44991 / -90.56526


3) 5890 Highway 95 Suite A, Fort Mojave, AZ 86426

MapQuest Lat/Long: -3.052445 / -79.239513

Actual Lat/Long: 34.98578 / -114.59801

So how do these discrepancies get fixed? I really love the convenience and flexibility of using this geocoding API.

The open API has not been
The open API has not been updated in several years. Use rather than and you should be good to go.