Javascript Maps API (7.2) Poi declutter

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Javascript Maps API (7.2) Poi declutter

Currently, I have HTMLPOI's that display over one another and I would like to have them stacked or arranged as clusters so that users are aware that they are there. What does the current implementation for something like this look like? I've tried poi.setDeclutterMode(true) prior to adding it to the map but it doesn't seem to do anything. map.getDeclutter() is available (not documented) but it has no setter.

For some reason it appears that all examples of POI decluttering have been removed from the documenation. An example was removed from the developer guide page: . An old example from the 7.0 that was posted on stackoverflow has also been removed.

 Can someone please bring some clarity to decluttering? Thanks in advance!

All of the MapQuest
All of the MapQuest JavaScript sdk documentation has been removed as there is no longer any development on the toolkit. New development is focused on the MapQuest [Leaflet plugins](   Declutter worked great for the basic poi but not for the HTMLPoi. There is a marker cluster plugin for Leaflet that works great.

Thanks for the response! I

Thanks for the response! I inherited a project that was using the Javascript 7.2 api and didn't realize it was deprecated. I'll convert to leaflet.