Lines across Anti-Meridian Issue?

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Lines across Anti-Meridian Issue?


When drawing lines across the anti-meridian (180 deg), I'm seeing some erratic results. Here are the coordinates that I think are causing issues: 

Point A: -160.000000, 48.000000

Point B: 175.000000, 48.000000


map.load(function() {

map.draw.line([[-160.000000, 48.000000], [175.000000, 48.000000]], '#A69C8E', 3);

map.icons.marker.addWithPopup({ lng: 175.000000, lat: 48.000000 }, 'marker-I-black-white-sm.png', 'FIX-48E75');


I may be simply doing something wrong here?



MapQuestGL.js is based on
MapQuestGL.js is based on Mapbox-gl-js. This topic on the Mapbox sdk may help point in the right direction.