Loading Multiple Addresses into Android App

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Loading Multiple Addresses into Android App

We are using MapQuest's "Directions Web Service" to generate an optimized route between multiple addresses. What we are trying to do with this information is to generate a URL, to be emailed, that can be loaded into MapQuest's Android app.

The total number of points could be as low as 3 (start, waypoint and end) or up to a total of 25 points (start, optimized waypoints and end point).

When generating a URL based on the directions found under the "Link to MapQuest" the page loads fine in a standard web browser, but not on a mobile device (Samsung Galaxy S4), including the MapQuest Android app. Example URL: http://mapq.st/directions?q1=1555+Blake+Street+Denver+CO+80202&q2=Littleton,+CO&q3=1555+Blake+Street+Denver+CO+80202&maptype=map

Any tips, tutorial links and/or advice on how to implement this would be greatly appreciated.

Linking to the Android app
I have checked with our Android developers and they report that this is not supported by the application. This is something you will need to create using the API (the Leaflet SDK is very mobile friendly) and then email links to your site/app for the multi-stop directions.