maximum values for cyclingRoadFactor

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maximum values for cyclingRoadFactor


the API documentation states that cyclingRoadFactor is clamped to the range 0.1 to 100.0. The following query:<my_key>&ambiguities=...{locations:[%2245.851013201301484,9.66646671295166%22,%2245.86228122137575,9.680843353271484%22],options:{disallows:[Toll%20Road,%20Unpaved],avoidTimedConditions:false,doReverseGeocode:false,shapeFormat:raw,generalize:0,routeType:bicycle,timeType:0,unit:k,cyclingRoadFactor:64.0,roadGradeStrategy:DEFAULT_STRATEGY,narrativeType:none}}

returns directions, while the next one (exactly the same, except cyclingRoadFactor:65.0 instead of 64.0):<my_key>&ambiguities=...{locations:[%2245.851013201301484,9.66646671295166%22,%2245.86228122137575,9.680843353271484%22],options:{disallows:[Toll%20Road,%20Unpaved],avoidTimedConditions:false,doReverseGeocode:false,shapeFormat:raw,generalize:0,routeType:bicycle,timeType:0,unit:k,cyclingRoadFactor:65.0,roadGradeStrategy:DEFAULT_STRATEGY,narrativeType:none}}


"statuscode":602,"messages":["Unable to calculate route."

Why is 64.0 the maximum allowed value in this case ? does it depends on the locations ? I have an application where the user chooses the factor (through an user interface control) to decide whether favor fast roads or minor roads. In the latter case I'd like to get the directions with the maximum allowed road factor instead of an error. How can I handle that ?



Hi Fabio,
Hi Fabio,   Good question. I don't know the answer to that one yet. It's been a while since anyone has been in the bicycle code so this one will take some investigation. We will let you know when we have more information.

Same problem

Any news ? Or that you can better explain the influence of this factor on the route?

The team that created the
The team that created the cyclingRoadFactor is no longer with MapQuest. If I find any further information, I will post it here.

Okay, that information would

Okay, that information would be very interesting!