Message "xml parameter is not provided"

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Message "xml parameter is not provided"

Dear Support,

          Hopefully you can help me with this problem. I have been using several of the MapquestAPI resources with no issue.  However, this one is perplexing to me. All of my work uses XML.

I am attempting to issue a POST transaction using the Data Manager API upload-data resource from a phone app and am getting back the message "xml parameter is not provided". Oddly, I can pull my app's transmit log and post the generated transaction into the FireFox RESTClient with no error. The MQ transaction history count increases so I can tell I am hitting the service as well as getting the XML response.

I am guessing that my phone app is somehow doing something with the POST text that I am not expecting. However, I have no way that I know of to detect that. ( I am already logging the generated text).

Are there any hints as to what this message really means?  I could post my XML - however it works sucessfully outside of this app.  It would be great if I could somehow see what is being rejected in the MapQuest logs.

Thank you in advance.



This question can be disregarded. The "xml parameter" message really was meaning that absoluty no data was in the body. After some testing, it was discovered that the post headers were missing.





Good to hear it's working for
Good to hear it's working for you now.