Multimodal Routes defaulting to Walk Timing

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Multimodal Routes defaulting to Walk Timing


I'm working with a program that utilizes the Directions API to request the time and distance involved in travel between two points using various modes of travel. I have used the program on about 18,000 entries and all of them worked...except for the "multimodal" entries. About half of them failed.

Then, when I started digging into the ones that didn't fail, I realized that the multimodal directions were really just walking directions -- I cannot get a time or distance for transit travel. Does anybody know why it's not working? I'm confident in my points and I'm using 8:30 AM as the time for travel. 


Multimodal is available in
Multimodal is available in limited US markets only. If your requests are in large US cities with public transit, post a request that is failing and we'll investigate.


Sorry -- I just realized you asked for actual requests, not locations. Here are the the two requests associated with my above post (key left in variable format for privacy). The first one fails entirely, though it shouldn't, and the second one gives directions and timing for walking only instead of utilizing transit:



Problem Still Occurring

Sorry for the very delayed reply -- I put down this project for a minute but I am now still experiencing the same problem. 

My requests are for Chicago, which the documentation claims has multimodal capability. Every single one of them gives only walk timing.

Here are a few examples that are outputting walk timing:


End: 41.695999,-87.598297





There is a new transit
There is a new transit function being built for the MapQuest mobile apps that may make its way to the directions api. The old multimodal functionality has been set aside, not updated, and documentation will be removed soon since it has so little usage.

What is the staus of this? I

What is the staus of this? I can't seem to get transit data through the API.

Transit coverate is for
Transit coverate is for trains and is currently only available in DC.