Optimized Route From And To The Same Destination ?

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Optimized Route From And To The Same Destination ?

Trying to get a optimized route to and from the location but visting a number of specified points along the route out and back.
The travelling salesman problem.
(For example delivery van leaves depot in the morning travels route to delivery locations and return back to depot when done).

I can get a optimized route OK between a set of locatons but can't see how to specify a start and finish point..

I though something like this ?

<from>Depot Address</from>
<to>Depot Address</to>
<location>Delivery Address 1</location>
<location>Delivery Address 2</locaton>

But if I try this the from and to address get ignored (but no actual error).

Any help would be gratefully received.

The origin and destination
The origin and destination are the first and last locations, or the from and the last to. All of the locations between them can be rearranged.