Optimized Route Bicycle not sorting locationSequence

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Optimized Route Bicycle not sorting locationSequence

This is my JSON:
json={locations:[{latLng:{lat:46.211438,lng:6.148567}},{latLng:{lat:45.640808,lng:5.627060}},{latLng:{lat:45.958549,lng:5.837517}},{latLng:{lat:45.326746,lng:5.570755}}],options:{outFormat:'json',routeType:'bicycle',unit:'k',shapeFormat:'raw',fullShape='true' }}
The locations 2 & 3 are switched from the optimum to go.

routeType:'bicycle' will always return original 'wrong' locationSequence  0 1 2 3

routeType:'fastest / pedestrian/... ' will return the correct locationSequence  0 2 1 3

Any suggestions or is optimizedroute just not working for Bike?

Thanks for pointing this out.
Thanks for pointing this out. I forwarded this on to the development team to investigate.

Thanks for this.

Thanks for this.

I was hoping to have an error in my JSON...
.. because I changed an existig fiddle to the json above using leaflet (i do not use leaflet and I don't want to!) and there it seems to work: http://jsfiddle.net/onp9gmay/17/

Ok, we have to wait for a response of your DevTeam :)