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Pin numbering


We use MQA > new-route module and map.addRoute JavaScript API. We would like to ask you:

1. How to number the pins returned for each location? Currently, pins use alphabet, but we want numbers which correspond to the index of returned locations.

2. How is fuelUsed calculated in route result?

3. How to add simple legend to location pins returned on the map?

4. Is there any way to add more than 50 locations?


You can use the custom icon
You can use the custom icon sample to put the numbered static map icons on the map.   It is calculated using the mileage and the highwayefficiency parameter which defaults to 21 if not set.   You can create a div and place if beside or over the map then add objects to the legend.   Nope, the limits indicated in the directions api user guide are the limits for everyone.

Custom POIs work

Actually, we found the answer to pin numbering in examples Routing with POIs as Input and POI Configuration Options. It's important that MQA.TileMap.addRoute function can accept MQA.Poi locations, instead of simple latLng location stops that can't be customized and use A-Z alphabet.

Is fuelUsed somehow related to City/Highway routing or we must use a Combined value in highwayEfficiency field? Sometimes vehicles drive only in cities, sometimes a Combined value would suffice.

The highwayEfficency
The highwayEfficency parameter accepts a single numeric value. It does not take city/highway numbers.