Real-time directions in UK/Europe

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Real-time directions in UK/Europe


Could you help me please?

When I call the directions api to calculate routes/times in UK and Europe (particularly France and Germany) ideally I would like real-time factors to be taken into account, such as:

  • Delays due to 'rush hour' traffic
  • Delays/closures due to roadworks
  • Delays/closures due to accidents

So I have been experimenting with some of the advanced routing options but without much luck:

  • I tried requesting directions between the same locations at different times of the day (e.g. 0100 and 1700) and with useTraffic=true but it made no difference to the returned route/times.
  • I tried requesting directions to coincide with a planned road closure but the returned route used the closed road.
  • I also tried the traffic api ( but it returned no data for UK/European cities.

Am I doing something wrong or is none of the above supported in UK/Europe?

By the way, please could you tell me is the 'locale' option purely for controlling the language of the narrative or does it have some additional purpose?

Thank you in advance.

Traffic and traffic
Traffic and traffic influenced routing is only available in North America at this time.

Ok, thanks for confirming.

Ok, thanks for confirming.

Traffic information for Europe.

When will be available traffic information for Europe? Thanks.

I'm not aware of any plan to
I'm not aware of any plan to offer traffic data in Europe at this time.