realTime response field -1 for route in UK

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realTime response field -1 for route in UK


We were trying to get a route/directions for a route in the UK.  In our call, we used:<our_key>&from=Oakth...

The  (truncated) JSON response was 





Notice that the realTime value is -1.  Is this the expected result if realTime routing is not available?  (not documented in the API page as far as I can tell)

Is realTime not supported in the UK?  If so, what other regions is realTime routing not supported?






Real time is supported in
Real time is supported in several North American markets, but not anywhere in Europe yet. The traffic markets request will list all of the current markets where traffic data is available.

Thanks for the quick response

Thanks for the quick response.

Can you please confirm whether -1 will always be returned in the realTime field if traffic is not available in that market?

The realTime should be -1,
The realTime should be -1, equal to time, or different from time depending on the location and current availability of data. But where there is no traffic data the response could be -1 or the same value as time.