Route Planning and Optimization

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Route Planning and Optimization

I have a particular scenario as below, pls suggest if there's a route planner API which can fulfil this scenario:

“In a BPO company there are 1000 employees working in a particular shift. These 1000 employees come from various locations to office and go back home. Their pickup location and office location has been geocoded in the map. The BPO company has a fleet of 100+ vehicles for transporting their employees from home to office and back. Using MapQuest API they would like to optimize the routes for these 1000 employees in such a way that employees from same area are travelled together in a vehicle in a shortest and fastest possible route with maximum capacity utilization of the vehicle.” 

There is no off-the-shelf
There is no off-the-shelf application that does this, but this can be built with the MapQuest directions api. First the employee locations need to be grouped. Then the MapQuest directions api can create the optimized route which will arrange the waypoints to best route to them between the origin and destination. There is no api to group the locations. But I'm sure these guys would have ideas.

Simple Vehicle Routing example

I put the c# source code for simple VRP solver solver on GitHub at     Here is a link to an animation of optimizing a simple problem instance: 


It would need to be modified to support the problem you're talking about.    Currently it supports the variant where packages are all loaded into the vehicle at start of route.  We'd need to add variant where packages are picked up and dropped off.     Then it would have be be hooked up to Map Quest to get the distance matrix for all pickup/dropoff locations.