Routingresult - Details, Roadtype

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Routingresult - Details, Roadtype


we are using Directions in a .Net Application with a xml Request.
In your XML Response, you give me this properties: hastollroad, hashighway,...

Can you give me this properties for a Point?
Than i can calculate the route length on Highways, Streets,...
I want to calculate the distance on Highways,...


Can you give me the Distance on the different Streetypes?




Now i have searched in the XML Response:  response/route/legs/leg/maneuvers
I found Attribut 128 = Highway and i calulate the distances on the maneuvers but the Distance is not the same as the distance in XML Element route
My route is only on a Highway.
Can you tel me, what Distance is that.


This is not currently part of
This is not currently part of the directions api but I will forward this to the team as an enhancement request. Thanks for the suggestion.