Server unable to access web services

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Server unable to access web services



We are experiencing an issue whereby out server is not able to access your webservices. This has stopped working since 7:30am British time. (This was 00:30mtc) 

Unable to access

The IP address affected is: 

Please can you advise.

We have tried accessing via the server however we get a page cannot be displayed. This has worked properly before, and works on any other sever/machine.

There has been no changes to our network/firewall or server

Could you advise if our IP address has been blacklisted and how we can get this issue resolved so we can continue using the service.

This is currently a system down for us and is causing us major problems. I would highly appreciate it if this issue could be looked into swiftly.

Please close this log, we

Please close this log, we have resolved the issue.