Store drive distance and drive time

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Store drive distance and drive time


I asked the following question last year:

I have a static list of addresses, and I'm looking to use the Directions API to determine the driving distance and driving time in between locations.  Given that this is a static list, I would like to store the driving distance and driving time between these locations.

The terms of use ( Restrictions a. vi., however, limit:

  1. store or cache any MapQuest Data

I do not plan on storing any directions or geo-located data.  

Does the terms of use limit my ability to store drive distance or drive time?  


You repsponse at the time (see like below), was that we could store distance and drivetime as long as we were in contract with you.  Is that no longer the case?

If so, we will probably terminate our contract.



Outside of the special
Outside of the special geocode storage (Extended Rights Geocoding), no storage of results is allowed as noted in the current terms as you mentioned. I will clarify the recent terms in the old forum post too.