Transaction counting error

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Transaction counting error

This is related to my other bug report here ( i decide to open a new topic here becuase this should be even much critical.

Here is the modified example

Using other layers witha a leaflet where mapquest layer has been registered produce transaction counting even if you are not using mapquest resources.

With the attached example we can see that there are call to your transaction API even if we are not using mapQuest layers. 
In the example an openstreetmap layer is showed but if you zoom in or out transaction are logged to mapquest servers.


Bug Report
That bug was severe enough for me to go ahead a release a new patch version. Although the documentation won't be updated for some time, please test using: Both of your reported bugs should be fixed in the newest version.

It seems to be solved the

It seems to be solved the severe bug.
CSS Is still not compatible with Bootstrap CSS. Class ".form-row input" for example and all other Bootstrap-like classes will ruwine the layout .
Is still persisten also the attribution and logo bottom labels on non-mapquest layers.