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Transaction Report - Refresh Interval


We are trying to determine our transaction counts with a view to optimize the calls, but it can take a while for the results to update in the report - which leads to painstaking slow analysis.

What is the refersh interval for the transaction report, and can thsi be improved?

Many thanks!


The interval depends on the
The interval depends on the traffic but should be around 15 minutes. There is no current plan to improve the reporting response time.

Would it be possible to

Would it be possible to either prioritize making this report real-time, or give us some way through the API to determine the number of transactions that are being generated from requests?


Maybe the leaflet plugin could have an option to log to the browser console with transaction details, or there could be a separate API call that would return this information or... something? It's just absolutely impossible to tell what's generating a transaction right now, and I find it hard to understand how a relatively simple implementation of the leaflet plugin is generating over 30k transactions for less than 100 active map users in our app.


Right now I have to load the map page, then wait 15-30 minutes for the report to update, then perform another action, and wait another 15-30 minutes. It is, as iwaraich said, a painstakingly slow process.

The current delay in
The current delay in reporting is a vast improvement over what was in place early this year which took 2-3 days to update. There is no plan for any further improvement in the reporting at this time.