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Transactions limit notification

I received an email that said we have used 80% of my allotted transactions for this month.  We’re currently using the free plan that is 15000/transactions per month.  But, if I look my transaction report in your portal, it’s said that I have 26362 transactions in the current period.   So I don’t understand on what is based the 80%.

Maybe the email got stuck
Maybe the email got stuck/unread and didn't get seen until there were many more requests with that key. You should get that email once 80% of the allotted transactions have been used, not 180%.

I get another one today to

I get another one today to advise me that I have reach 90%...

90% Threshold Message on Business Plus plan

We have received messages suggesting that we've used high percentages (latest 90%) of our 500K transaction/mth plan, even though we have not yet exceeded 77K since we signed up. 


This is very distressing because it suggests that our service will be interrupted today if this issue is not addressed. Please advise.





You should not have received
You should not have received that email judging by your plan and transaction count. You're not seeing any issues with the application and key, correct?

Also received 80% & 90% messages when way under the limt...

Actually what was disturbing was that my Flurry analytics indicated something like 200 or 300 calls for directions and maps but the Mapquest transaction log indicated over 3600 for each.  But like the other people I am nowhere near 15,000 transactions and I was getting the 80% and 90% alert messages yesterday (October 17).  My total transaction count was listed at 11,051 which is clearly under 80% of 15,000.  

So it appears that there are two problems:

  1. Mapquest transaction counts got lost in the wilderness because there is no way we had 7000 transactions for a mobile app with only 10,000 downloads.
  2. Mapquest alerts were also lost since I got the 80% & 90% alerts when I was clearly under the limit.

I see 7856 directions and map
I see 7856 directions and map transactions on 10/17 and much less on other days.

This morning I got this

This morning I got this message at 09:39 GMT

This is a notification to let you know that you have used 80% of your allotted transactions for this month

1 hour later I got the same message again saying 90%

Looking at your new rules it says that we have 15000 transactions a month available

Looking at the transaction reports it looks like we have used more like 10,000 transactions a day. (that seems an extream number of transactions)

This is the first I have heard of the changes and need to make sure that the environment remains available.

Can you confirm our usage, tell me how we can make sure the environment remains available whilst we resolve how to handle this.

When does the month begin, are those transactions realistic for about 10 users zooming and panning maps acouple of time an hour?



This account resets every
This account resets every month on the 22nd. It looks like the account was reset, reached 80% then 90% and then 100% and shut down.    The key will currently return an error message for any request. There were announcements of the change sent out earlier this year.   The usage reports seem correct. I don't see any issue there.   You can visit the Pricing & Plans page to purchase a plan with more transactions or you can use the Contact Us link to discuss using Enterprise Edition.

How long does it take for

How long does it take for service to return once a plan has been upgraded?


It should take seconds to
It should take seconds to kick in.