Transactions Usage

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Transactions Usage

Is it possible to monitor how many of the alotted monthly transactions have been used at present?


Alternatively sufficient, how many transactions might a request for a route matrix use up? 

For example does a 5x5 route matrix cost 1 transaction?  5?  25?


You can log into the
You can log into the Developer Network, click your user name in the upper right, click Keys & Reporting, choose the key you want to check, and click Analytics Table. Here you can choose the date range to report and time frames to section the report for. A route matrix is one route transaction plus one geocode transaction for each address (instead of lat/lng). A reverse geocode is performed if the destination is a lat/lng and doReverseGeocode is not set to false. This is to put a location name on the destination maneuver text.

Transactions report

How long does it take for the Analytics Table to be updated? For example, if a geolocation request is submitted (costing a transaction), how log will it take for this transaction to be in the report?

Transactions can show up in
Transactions can show up in as little as 10-20 minutes. But I would realistically expect to see reporting show up in an hour or so.