Unable to calculate route.

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Unable to calculate route.

We receive error 602 "Unable to calculate route" when locations are in a certain town. We use MQA > new-route module > map.addRoute function with several latLng locations. We tried two simple locations in that town which work in both directions in Classic Mapquest and Google maps (which returns two alternative routes in both directions). But with Mapquest Javascript API it finds a route from point A to B, but can't find from B to A. Here are the points:

A: 43.70507, 24.89520

B: 43.70661, 24.89610

Classic mapquest.com finds route in both directions which is incomplete, but still acceptable for us, if points match the nearest main road.

The whole town is actually blocked for us, because map.addRoute always return "Unable to calculate route" whenever locations in that town are involved. There is no way to determine which location is the offender, for example to try to move it to the nearest road or just remove it.

Routing those locations is
Routing those locations is working great for me. Can you post a url where we can see this happening?

You can test location B to A

You can test location B to A on your example page here. You need to turn off "Do Reverse Geocode" option. It successfully creates a route from A to B, but can't create one from B to A. Here is test link (without an API key).

With a reverse geocode both directions work, but we don't need this option. Any other town/village in that area seems to work properly without reverse geocode, except this one.

Here are another two

Here are another two locations that Mapquest can't find a route (with/without reverse geocode):

A: 43.671832, 24.942828

B: 43.681194, 24.905812

Here is a link (add your API key) to test Mapquest. Google finds a route fine.

Our main point is that we need to find which one is the offending location when a route consists of multiple locations (i.e. 20) and that error 602 appears.

Thanks for the additional
Thanks for the additional information. This has been forwarded on to the routing team to investigate.

I connect to the thread with

I connect to the thread with additional broken routing:
FROM: 51.5142273,7.4652789
TO: 51.482321,7.2187465
While in reverse order routing is found.

It looks like all of the
It looks like all of the roads around the origin are pedestrian only. I'm not sure how/why the return route works. I'm sending this to the development team to investigate. Thanks for the information.