MapQuest Location Analytics Overview

MapQuest provides several tools that are often used in conjunction with analytics: high volume geocoding, batch route distance/time calculations through the RouteMatrix and optimized routing.


High Volume Geocoding

The MapQuest Geocoding API Web Service provides robust, high-quality, batch geocoding. For high-volume, scalable solutions, contact MapQuest Sales to inquire about an Enterprise License.



The RouteMatrix calculates drive distance and time between batches of locations. A one-to-many RouteMatrix takes one origin location and calculates the drive time and distance to up to 100 locations. This is useful if you're trying to find the closest location to a particular point by drive time or distance.


A many-to-many RouteMatrix takes a set of locations and calculates drive time and distance between every pair of locations. For example, this could be used to determine if any pair of locations were within 3 drive miles of each other.


RouteMatrix functionality can be accessed through the Directions API Web Service.


Optimized Routing

Optimized routing takes a multi-stop route and re-orders the intermediate stops so that the overall route is the shortest or fastest. It can be used for the popular "traveling salesman" use case, where someone is trying to determine the most efficient order of stops. Optimized routing can be accessed through the Directions API Web Service.