A single button control that toggles between the base layer and a hybrid satellite road layer. The position, mapType, css class, and control title are customizable.


L.mapquest.key = 'KEY';

var map ='map', {
  center: [39.7392,-104.9903],
  layers: L.mapquest.tileLayer('map'),
  zoom: 12



  • options object

    An object containing any of the following key value options: position, mapType, title, and className.

    position: The position of the control (one of the map corners). Possible values are 'topleft', 'topright', 'bottomleft' or 'bottomright'. Default is 'topright'.

    mapType: The id of an map style. The supported style ids are 'map', 'hybrid', 'satellite', 'light', 'dark'. Default is 'hybrid'.

    title: Text for the browser tooltip that appear on control hover. Default is 'Satellite'

    className: A custom CSS class name to assign to the control.


      position: 'topright',
      mapType: 'hybrid',
      title: 'Satellite',
      className: ''

Return Value

An L.Control object that can be added to a map with the addControl() function.

Visual Example