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MapQuest has a variety of fast, easy ways for you to embed maps into your personal blog, or small business site. The easiest way is to simply search for a location or business on MapQuest, and click the “Share” button. From the “Share” menu, select “Embed,” and customize an iFrame to your specifications. It’s that easy!

We are also proud to offer Link to MapQuest, a free service from that allows you to link directly to MapQuest and display interactive maps or search results.

Whichever method you choose, MapQuest is a convenient way to help lead the way.

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How can I get MapQuest on my site?

The following are ways you can use Link to MapQuest:

  • Use the “Share” function to embed a map onto your site
  • Link back to the home page
  • Create a unique link to with a predefined location, route, or search
  • Embed the map on your site

URL Structure

The base URL for the link to MapQuest is From here we follow a format of{view specifier}/?{options}. The following are the current view specifiers available:

  • /<slug> - Links to MapQuest with specific address or POI in map view.
  • /search/results - Links to the MapQuest results list with corresponding map view.
  • /directions - Links to the MapQuest main site with the step-by-step directions list view.
  • /latlng - Links to MapQuest with map view of lat/lng coordinates.
  • /embed - A map page with the intention of being embedded in a web page is generated. Typically this would be the src attribute of an iframe.
  • /my-maps - Links to a specific My Map view on MapQuest

If a view specifier is not given, the service will use map or directions depending on the settings given. View the Link to MapQuest Parameters section for details on the settings.

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Link to MapQuest Parameters

The base URL for linking to MapQuest map is The following tables list the parameters that would be used in the "settings" portion of the URL.

Link to Map

Build map links and embed maps onto your site using our simple instructions and parameters to form a URL. You can also customize the default look of the map by specifying map type (map, or satellite) or by adjusting the zoom level and/or map center.

General Format:

  •<Lat/Lng coordinates>

Link to Map Parameters

Link to Directions

Want to share directions from a user’s location to a specified location, such as a retail store? MapQuest makes it easy, allowing you to either copy/paste the URL for your route, or by clicking “Share” from the “View Route Directions” menu, and choosing to “Embed.”

Interested in more robust Directions? Sign up to as a MapQuest Developer, and get started with our Directions API Today!

Link to Map Search

Build Search Result links using our simple instructions and parameters to form the URL. Link to a type of business near an address, a franchise or specific business near a location. Customize the map by specifying the map type (map or satellite view) or by adjusting the zoom level and/or map center.

General URL Format:


Link to Map Search Parameters

Embedded Maps

To include a map into your site, prepend the url with /embed/. All of the parameters above are also supported on embedded maps.


Whether you are going to use all the functionality this service includes or just want to link back to the homepage, we have provided logo images for your convenience.

<a href='/api-docs/doc/cdn/common/images/medium-logo.png' target='_blank'><img border='0' alt='medium-logo.png' src='/api-docs/doc/cdn/common/images/medium-logo.png'/></a>

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