Search API


In the Search service, there are instances when shapes are used, such as an area to search or an area to search for. Below is a table demonstrating the three basic types of shapes.

Type Description Formats
Point A single latitude/longitude pair for the shape. A point would be used for a radius search or for single points to search for. As seen below, points are also used to create other shapes
  • raw: 40.099998,-76.305603
  • simple: POINT(-76.305603 40.099998)
  • compressed: _`wsF~lvpM
LineString Multiple points that make up a line string, the start and end points do not equal. This is the type of shape used for a corridor search.
  • raw: 39.96488,-76.729949,41.099998,-76.305603,39.899011,-76.164335,39.099998,-78.305603
  • simple: LINESTRING(-76.305603 40.099998,-76.305603 41.099998,-77.305603 41.099998,-78.305603 39.099998)
  • compressed: os|rFdiisMou|Ee{qAdqiF}qZx`{C|eaL
Polygon Multiple points that make up a polygon, the start and end points must equal.
Note: polygon doesn't currently support "donut" polygons".
  • raw: 40.099998,-76.305603,41.099998, -76.305603,41.099998,-77.305603, 40.099998,-76.305603
  • simple: POLYGON((-76.305603 40.099998,-76.305603 41.099998,-77.305603 41.099998,-76.305603 40.099998))
  • compressed: _`wsF~lvpM_ibE??~hbE~hbE_ibE