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State Boundaries

The table in this category contains data for US state polygons courtesy of the US Census Bureau.

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Table Schema - mqap.usstateboundaries

Field Name Field Type Description
REGION String Current Census region code
DIVISION String Current Census division code
STATEFP String Current state Federal Information Processing Series (FIPS) code
STATENS String Current state ANSI code
GEOID String Current state FIPS code, country FIPS code, county subdivision FIPS code, and a subminor civil division FIPS code
STUSPS String Current United States Postal Service state abbreviation
NAME String Variable length geographic area name (e.g. Atlanta)
LSAD String Concatenated variable length geographic area name and legal/statistical area description (e.g. Atlanta city)
MTFCC String MAP/TIGER feature class code
FUNCSTAT String Current functional status
ALAND Integer Current land area (square meters)
AWATER Integer Current water area (square meters)
INTPTLAT String Current latitude of the internal point
INTPTLON String Current latitude of the internal point