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Q&A Series: COVID-19 & The Healthcare Industry | MapQuest Developer Blog

COVID-19 has had a dramatic impact on nearly every business, regardless of industry or geographic location. With businesses now having to navigate new, unchartered waters, many are searching for reliable and trusted information so that they can make informed decisions on behalf of their companies and customers.

In this Q&A, healthcare industry expert, Carol Marcoux of MapQuest for Business, answers five questions about COVID-19’s impact on the industry and how businesses can best navigate this time of change.

1. What impact has COVID-19 had on the healthcare industry?

Healthcare remains one of the industries most impacted by COVID-19, not only from a patient perspective but from an employee perspective as well. While resources are stretched, this industry continues to service its communities admirably.

However, one area where healthcare has been most impacted from a location-services perspective is in regard to testing locations. Healthcare providers have had to set up new locations for COVID-19 testing, and in some instances, have deemed certain locations as “safe” locations for testing.

This has presented a challenge for many providers, on top of the already mounting challenges as a result of COVID-19. Healthcare providers need patients to be able to find these locations quickly and easily. Here at MapQuest for Business, we have had many healthcare providers reach out to us to assist them in overcoming challenges of this nature.

2. How are companies responding to these changes?

Healthcare entities continue to find ways to keep their patients and employees safe. Utilizing location services in conjunction with their own apps, hospitals provide a safe way for patients to check-in ahead of time, find the nearest facility, quickly get to a testing site and find other medical resources. Location services also assist providers to quickly locate a patient in need during a response call.

3. Do you think COVID-19 will change the future of the healthcare industry?

Yes. To put it simply, healthcare will ultimately utilize more tools and technology to provide safer care environments for their patients and their staff.

To elaborate further, COVID-19 has resulted in many having to revisit their emergency preparedness plans. The public must be able to find testing centers quickly and easily. In some cases, these testing centers are new and may also be mobile, therefore, ensuring these testing facilities are found is critical.

Whether it be the addition of new, location-based services or simply adjusting their plans that are currently in place, location-based technologies will play a vital role in a healthcare facility’s ability to get patients to the right location every time.

4. How has MapQuest for Business responded to COVID-19?

MapQuest for Business has quickly provided any interested healthcare entity with test keys to ensure our solution is right for their immediate needs. Once tested, we are providing valuable enterprise plans, easy onboarding, and fast implementation. We have also launched a COVID-19 promotion offering free services for qualified companies utilizing the MapQuest for Business APIs specifically for to track and target COVID-19.

5. What advice do you have for companies on how they can best navigate this time of change and uncertainty?

With uncertainty often comes the need to make rapid changes in response to the marketplace. As companies determine what course of action they will take, MapQuest for Business is here to help. Everything from flexible service plans and payment options, to customer service, technical support, and beyond, MapQuest for Business, and me personally, are here to provide support.

The best advice I have for companies in the healthcare industry is to leverage every resource available. In times like this, it is amazing how people and companies are coming together and supporting one another. We are happy to do our part to address this unprecedented challenge.

View the MapQuest for Business brochure to learn more about our offerings.

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