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Directions API

The Directions API provides a simple interface to get routing, narrative, and shapes.


The core and most basic function of our Directions API. Route provides information on how to get from point A to point B, or points C, D and E. Quite simply, it shows you and your users how to get where they are going.

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Optimized Route

The Optimized Route function allows users to customize their route experience to their preferences, including the quickest drive time, the shortest drive distance, or even how long it would take to walk instead of driving. The origin and destination locations remain fixed, but the route is ordered to find the optimal path.

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Route Matrix

The Route Matrix function enables the user to see the times and distance between locations. Want to know how many miles it is between Denver and Chicago? Need to know how long it will take to drive from your home/office to a store? Route matrix provides this information.

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Alternate Routes

The Alternate Routes function allows users to request multiple potential routes between two locations.

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Route Shape

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